Product Overview

Home water purifier

- Reverse Osmosis and UltraVoilet(UV) system for all type of homes at affordable costs.
- Adequate warranty with high quality consumables..
- Regulated service maintenances.
- Available in different sizes, materials and budgets.


Effluent Treatment Plants

- Physical, biological, chemical contaminants remover
- 80% removal of BOD and COD
- Very less land requirement
- Ready Made Effluent Treatment Plant
- Compact Effluent Treatment Plant
- Meet Requirements to Dyeing, Automobile, Leather, Sugar, Rubber, Glass industries
- Pre Fabricated Effluent Treatment Plant


Sewage Treatment Plant

- 90% removal of BOD and COD
- Meet Requirements to Apartments, Hotels, Hospital, Resorts, IT parks,Schools and Institution
- Conventional Centralized Sewage Treatment System -> about 80% of the cost is accounted for the collection
- FBBR Type Sewage Treatment Plant
- Compact Sewage Treatment Plant
- Pre Fabricated Sewage Treatment Plant


Industrial Water Purifier Systems

- Providing hygienic water to all your staffs.
- Covering Small and large scale industries with affordable costs and fabulous service maintenances.
- Available in different capacities, materials and budgets.
- Made by Food Grade Plastic Material
- Fresh drinking water at the tap rather than having bottles to store


Mineral Water Plants

- Mineral water / Battled water projects as per BIS standard
- Lab setup for Battled water projects
- Purified Water Storage in Stainless Steel Tank
- Water Softening/Antiscalent Process
- Reverse Osmosis Filtration
- ISI Consultancy & Setting up of Lab as per Standards
- Annual Maintenance Contract


Welcome to your water purifier factory

Gemini Envirotech is recognized as a supplier of water purifier products for all kind of requirements. We are one of leading suppliers of water purifier products in India. We have been bringing water purifier products in market with the consumers in mind, focusing on below key areas:

  • Quick turnaround installation
  • Regulated service maintenance
  • Providing affordable-cum-valuable products to people.

We are providing most reliable and cost effective water purification systems. We have been one amongst the prominent suppliers of a vast range of water purifier and all kinds of water treatment products which fulfill the needs of hotels, shopping complexes, small / large scale Industrials as well as residential areas.

Our products effectively helps in increasing energy, improving digestion, balancing harmones and reducing occurence of various diseases. As mineral water product suppliers throughtout India, we understand the value of life and therefore believe in offering only the best products to our customers.

When you come to purchase our products, you can be assured of getting product that surpasses all maintenance and highest standards of performance and hygienic. We strive hard to plug the gap between demand and supply of potable drinking and purified water for Industrial and home needs.

We render sales & services for all kind of water purifiers / filters to all type of  businesses across the cities of Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, Salem, Namakkal and other prominent cities of India.


Top 5 reasons to choose Gemini Envirotech: